Beginning Again


Hi friends!

It’s definitely been a little bit. I got a little behind on editing, then life happened, and I decided to take a little break until January so I could get myself back on track and not stress out about it.

Because what the heck, this is supposed to be fun!

Anyway, I’m rolling on a nice schedule. So if you want to follow along, it should be quite the adventure.

I can’t wait to share with you where my life is unfolding in new ways as well as the emotions and fear that have risen from all of the twists and turns of trying my best to live life on life’s terms.

Andddd … I have really exciting, joyful things to share that, had I not had this little break, I might not have had the chance to process for myself before I shared it with all of you. (That can definitely be a train wreck. 😂)

So double what the heck.

To new adventures, new joys, new experiences and new life, I’m excited to share 2019 with you.

In peace, love and grace … xoxo,

– H