What a year filled with wonder and awe. I can’t help but feel so fortunate and blessed!

My life changed this year. My mind opened.

I loved and I lost.

I laughed and I cried.

I was open and changed by experiences and adventure.

I learned about my fears and how strong they have been. I learned how to talk with them and let them go.

I danced with acceptance and surrender.

I found my voice, my joy and my tears.

I felt heartbroken and entirely confused.

I felt low and I felt high.

I was given so much grace this year and started to learn to give it in return.

The list is endless and would take up too many pages, but my gratitude is endless for this journey, for the experiences, for THIS LIFE.

I feel excited by all of the possibilities a new year brings and the opportunity to continue to do this work and to learn these lessons.

My hopes for 2019 are

  • To be more silly

  • To be more light

  • To be more love and loved in return

  • To see more of the world

  • To be grateful for everything I have and everything I am

  • To gain new perspectives and make new friends

  • To let go of old behaviors and fully surrender into what is and what will be

  • To be happy, joyous and free

I hope the start of this new year brings you blessings, more love and a whole lot of new experiences.

May this serve as a New Year’s reminder from me to you, whether you are reading this now or any time of year.

Come as you are,
As you want to be,
Loved and open,
Wild and free.

There’s a place for you here ...
A place full of love,
A place full of light,
A place for us all to gather,
To share, to find what we need.

May I offer you grace in this moment.
May you offer me grace in the next.
May we all remember to practice grace together.
— A Collective Grace

To this new year and to new experiences together ... I am so grateful for you all!


– H