Who We Were: Before and After

This isn’t your typical before-and-after photo. Although if I’m being totally fair, I don’t know what a “typical” before-and-after photo really is anyway.

I read the other day something about how before-and-after photos can demean the person we were before, in the sense that somehow we didn’t view ourselves as enough. {That struck a chord. Deeply.}

Because who I am today, this woman I have become is entirely built upon the woman I am proud to have been.

And I don’t know about you, but my before-and-after photo speaks to so much more than the weight I have lost on my journey. There is more to unlayer and discover about who I am.


I promise you.

I am proud of who I was back then; after all, she is me. I wouldn’t be who I am now if I hadn’t been and done and experienced all of the things I had before.

I also don’t know how else to showcase a before and after of a soul becoming free or a woman coming into her own more than allowing my experience, strength and hope to shine through in the form of a before-and-after picture. By sharing this, I want you to know there is, in fact, hope for you too.

Whatever that hope looks like, whatever change you need to make or, heck, even want to make, I URGE YOU TO MAKE IT.

There is joy on the other side. I promise you.

I dig that a photo only shows us something at face value, but I am hopeful my words can make the impact here.

I hope you have the opportunity to learn that wherever you are in life right this moment, you are worthy … so much more worthy than you realize.

You have a right to feel free and to feel joy, to laugh without hesitation and to cry when necessary.

You have a right to find your own spotlight and stand tall because you are enough just as you are.

You are worthy of never lowering your head for anyone or anything.

And if you feel you can’t be these things for one reason or another, I offer you the courage to do the work necessary to find your freedom.

Because on the other side of that work — whatever your work is — is a human waiting to be joy-filled and free.

Since a picture is only the face of the thousand words behind it — and really, unless you’re one of my “ride-or-die homies,” you only know me at face value — I came up with this little series called Who We Were. If you would like to know more about the human behind the photos, follow along and drop your email below.

I hope you know you are enough today and worthy of joy. I’m here if you need a reminder.

Vulnerably yours … xoxo,

– H