Even Now

“His ways are not our ways, and we must believe even when we can’t see the way out.” — Angie Smith, I Will Carry You

What a particularly amazing week to have the opportunity to check my spiritual progress.

I’ve often been told lessons repeat themselves until we learn what we’re trying to be shown, and that’s for sure been true in my life.


As I’ve continued to grow and move forward in life and in learning, I’ve had the opportunity to observe full-circle lessons as the chance to check my spiritual growth and throw myself into the arms of my higher power ... A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY.

See, what I am starting to think here is that every experience (especially uncomfortable ones) are the opportunities for us to grow spiritually. Every day, we are being given the opportunity to soften, to learn, to love, to find compassion and to grow.

A thousand and one times this week, every day, I fell into the arms of my higher power.

“I can’t. He can. I think I’ll let him.”

Help me to get through this day, this situation, this place. Take this from me because I can’t control it and only you can. Help me to find peace in this moment and to go out from here doing your will, not mine.

Just having the thought, “Haley, turn this over. Let it go. It’s not yours to control,” is a dang miracle and such a different thought from what my brain used to think. It’s so much more peaceful, and there’s so much more surrender.

I mean, isn’t that really what life is about: acceptance and surrender?

This life is going to happen one way or another. How peaceful do I want it to be? How peaceful do you want it to be?

I’m so grateful for this reminder, and I’ll remind all of us again. Walk by faith. There is so much peace and so much joy to be had.

Thank you for these opportunities. Thank you for this growth and this softening.

Thank you for letting me share.

Peace, grace and love to you.

Vulnerably yours … xoxo,

– H